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Jedidiah moves into its own premises in Hertford- a Historic Market Town

5 February 2021 was a pretty extraordinary day.

It's the day we moved into our own premises after months of operating from Bengeo Club who very kindly lent us the use of their place during lockdown. We moved there in September when we were providing for 300 families (prior to that packing was done in Cynthia's front garden- and was weather dependent). As we crossed the 2,500 family mark in December 2020, it was obvious we needed our own place. Bengeo Club knew it, we knew it.. But finding premises wasn't as easy as you'd think. We initially started looking for 2000 sq ft. But look what we ended up with. And thank goodness for that, because by Jan 2021 end, we crossed 3,500 families and have taken on board families in Greater London.

In 8 months we've gone:

From packing for 100 families to packing for 3500 families.

From loading up 1 car with trolley-fulls of food to sending an articulated lorry to pick up 26 pallets of food every fortnight.

Gone from operating in my front garden to moving to an 8000sqft location in the centre of town.

Gone from supporting families in 2 schools in Hertfordshire to supporting families in 72 schools in Greater London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Merseyside

Gone from working with a handful of wonderful volunteers to nearly 100 wonderful volunteers. God has a way of supersizing dreams.

Honey we're home! :)

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