Got questions? 

What is Jedidiah?

Jedidiah is an award-winning charity focused on providing food to those in need. It was set up during lockdown to provide a helping hand to those who are going through a tough time and worsened by the pandemic. 

What does it do?

Our support takes the form of food bags delivered weekly to schools across Hertfordshire, Greater London, Bedfordshire, Essex, and Merseyside. We also deliver fresh food for local school breakfast clubs.


What do the food bags contain?

It varies weekly but we provide staples such as, cereal, pasta, tinned tomatoes, soup, pulses etc.


Where does the food come from?

The charity buys it in bulk at a discounted price from Fare Share.


Who do you deliver to?

We have built relationships with schools who identify who they think needs support. There is no barrier to receiving a bag and no justification needed. We will keep supporting families until they are back on their feet.

What is the scope of Jedidiah’s activities?

Currently we are providing fortnightly food parcels every month to 5300+ families and numbers are growing all the time We are committed to standing alongside our friends and neighbours whilst they regroup and get back on their feet. Over Christmas we provided hundreds of families with a fresh hamper for Christmas dinner.

How did Christmas Hampers fit into the bigger picture?

2020 was a tough year for everyone so we decided to create a Christmas Hamper for families so that they can have a festive dinner. We used what we have learned via our relationships with schools to make this happen.

What was in the Christmas  hampers?

  • Multi-use Baking Tray

  • Frozen chicken or a Nut roast (v)

  • Fresh produce: Brussels, potatoes, carrots, satsumas, parsnips

  • Custard, mince pies, gravy and stuffing

  • Christmas Crackers

  • A Recipe card


Is this a religious organisation?

No. It was set up by Cynthia Stroud who acted on her faith in God to feed people. Her energy and passion attracted a wide range of volunteers of all faiths and none who share the charity’s mission that no one should go hungry. We have no idea what the recipients of food believe in.

Don’t you think that government should be providing for families?

Jedidiah is a charity of action. If we see a need we will help find a solution. 

We can debate who should be doing what, or we can use our energy to fix a problem. Jedidiah’s focus is on the here and now and helping meet the need that is out there.

Can I donate food items?

At present we don’t accept food donations simply because: We have crafted the content of the food parcels to ensure the meals are nutritious and has maximum appeal across the board. (so no marmite!) We have added nutritious tasty food and small treats. Accepting food donations will mean

  • that one of us will have to quality check each item to be sure its not out of date- It would necessitate extra hours for someone to just quality check the 50+ tonnes of food that make up the food parcels we send out each fortnight! We are all working people and do this around our careers.

  • It makes it tricky to ensure each food parcel is uniform. At present, for ease and speed, we try to give every single food parcel the exact same contents which we buy in from Fareshare affiliates. The only families that get any different content are the families with babies who also receive nappies and baby milk.

You can support us here. Thank you!

How do I get one of your parcels?

To receive a parcel, get in touch with your children’s school and ask them to contact us. We liaise with headteachers, deputy head teachers, family support workers, teachers, pastoral care officers.

My child is not yet in school? How can I get a food parcel?

If your child is not yet of school age and you would like a parcel, you could ask the following people to get in touch with us at to request for you to be added to the list.

  • Your nursery manager: If they attend nursery under the free 15 hour govt scheme

  • Your local councillor (every location has one) or

  • Your GP or community midwife.

What makes you different from food banks? I'm not sure I qualify?

We do not need to see you, we do not take personal details. The only request we require is from your child/ren's school. We work with schools to bring the food parcels to you. If your child qualifies for free school meals, we work with your school to provide them with a food parcel for you too. Hunger doesn’t end at school pick up time. There is no limit to how many parcels you receive, once we start supporting a family, we don't let go of them till we hear from the school that the family is able to support themselves.

Can I contact you directly to request a food parcel?

Unfortunately not. We do not want to  be in the position of deciding who gets a parcel or not. Also we prefer to allow our beneficiaries the dignity and choice to remain anonymous to us or get in touch if they want to say thanks. Entirely up to them. We understand that some people may struggle with the idea of other people knowing they are in difficulty.

Can you cover my school?

Yes, just ask a member of staff from your school to get in touch with us to be added to the list.


Can I volunteer?

Yes please. So long as you have 2-3 hours to spare every fortnight, please email and put the word “Volunteer” in the subject line. 


I have more questions you didn’t answer, what can I do?

Contact us! And if it’s a question we are asked multiple times, we will add it to this FAQ.