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Got questions? 

What is Jedidiah?

Jedidiah is an award-winning charity focused on providing food to those in need. It was set up during lockdown to provide a helping hand to those who are going through a tough time and worsened by the pandemic. 

What does it do?

See what we do

What is the scope of Jedidiah’s activities?

We run fresh food pantries at 3 locations open most days of the week. During lockdown we also provided fortnightly food parcels to 5300+ families. Over Christmas we provide hundreds of families with a fresh hamper for Christmas dinner. We are committed to standing alongside our friends and neighbours whilst they regroup and get back on their feet.

We also run cookery courses.


Is this a religious organisation?

Define "religious". It was set up by Cynthia Tooley nee Stroud who acted on her faith in God to feed people. Her energy and passion attracted a wide range of volunteers of all/no faith, who share the charity’s mission that no one should go hungry. We have no idea what the recipients of food believe in nor do we ask them. We do not preach to anyone  although Cynthia is often asked why she does what she does.

Don’t you think that government should be providing for families?

Jedidiah is a charity focussed on helping those who need it. If we see a need we will help if we can.

Can I donate food items?

At present we don’t accept food donations simply because doing so will mean that one of us will have to quality check each item to be sure its not out of date- It would necessitate extra hours for someone to just quality check! We are all working people and do this around our careers.

You can support us here. Thank you!


Can I volunteer?

Yes please. So long as you have 2-3 hours to spare every fortnight, please email and put the word “Volunteer” in the subject line. 


I have more questions you didn’t answer, what can I do?

Contact us! And if it’s a question we are asked multiple times, we will add it to this FAQ.

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