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Christmas Hampers

We provide a Christmas hamper to struggling families. We believe Christmas should be a time to enjoy family, not to worry about what to eat. Working with other charities and schools, we identify the families who we provide the hampers to. 

Our hampers contain: 

  • Multi-use Baking Tray

  • Frozen of Chilled Poultry

    • Turkey or

    • Whole chicken or

    • Nut roast (v)

  • Fresh produce:

    • Brussels,

    • potatoes,

    • carrots,

    • satsumas,

    • parsnips

  • Desserts:

    • Custard,

    • Mince pies,

  • Sides

    • Gravy

    • Stuffing

  • Christmas Crackers

  • A Recipe card

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