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Charity Baking Academy

Introducing our charity baking academy: designed to teach those who are in a hard place, the skills to create an income for yourself. The trainer is a world renowned baking expert and TV judge of shows in UK, Canada, USA and Australia. She has also been a registered mentor at 5 universities and Higher education colleges in UK since 2016. She is passionate about the power of self starting to transform your life and jokes about using baking to bake your way out of difficulties. Baking therapy!

As a former single mum, Cynthia understands the need for a passion and career you can do from home, with low start up costs and being self-taught herself, she teaches baking and decorating methods which yield beautiful results. 

Participants at the baking academy will enter into a 10 week course - one day a week during which she will teach them how to create beautiful cakes and mentor them on how to find their first clients. 

Participation is free but participants must be referred from another charity or screening body eg Job Centre, Salvation Army, a church

Icing Cake

Your past is not nearly as important as your determination to change your future.

We have a track record of mentoring successful entrepreneurs.

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