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Charity Training Kitchen

We understand not everyone is as confident in the kitchen. In Feb 2020, we started a charity training kitchen in YMCA Welwyn. The lockdown put this on hold. We are back with our new bespoke training kitchen in the most beautiful building in Buckingham. Our passionate foodie chef would like to walk you through cooking a delicious, nutritious meal- on a budget. 

Our internationally acclaimed chef specialises in demystifying recipes to help you create great tasting, healthy food without long prep times. Her recipes have been showcased at Tower of London, Olympia and at Kensington Palace.

To sign up for the course notifications, email

Eggs in Tomato Sauce
Eggs in Tomato Sauce

I don't know how to cook, can you help?

Yes, all our volunteers at the pantry are passionate about food and will typically chat away to you about recipes. For hands on experience, at our Buckingham pantry, we run courses showing how to make nutritious meals on a budget. To sign up, email and we will notify you of the next one. 

Cooking for your loved ones is a pragmatic "I love you".


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