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Free Fresh Food Pantry

Our Fresh Fresh Food pantry works in partnership with the local supermarkets to repurpose the surplus food they are unable to sell. Best of all, its free to access and use. Each day, all the unsold food from supermarkets is displayed for the families to come and help themselves to. This includes good quality vegetables, fruit, dairy, baked goods, meat and fish products. We would also welcome a chat about recipes if you are unsure what to cook with the ingredients. At the Buckingham branch, we also have cookery courses to get your kitchen confidence up.

Our aim is to help people struggling to make ends meet access healthy food, reduce isolation and to ensure no good food goes to waste.

God gives.. food to the hungry.

Ps 146:6-7


Where does your pantry fresh food come from?

All the food we distribute is sourced from our network of local supermarkets who work with us to reduce food waste by ensuring it goes to those who need it most.

Do I have to pay to collect food from the food pantry?

No. We never charge anyone for food. 

Do I have to be Christian to collect food from the pantry?

No. There is absolutely no requirement to be christian or listen to any kind of preaching. That  is not what we do. There's no catch. All our lovely volunteers are keen to help and would love to see perfectly good food make its way into the hands of those who are struggling to feed.

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